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Thursday, July 16, 2015

5 Books I Bought Recently

When not so great events happen in my life, I tend to rely on some retail therapy to get me through it. At least through the initial shock of it all. So naturally, I found myself at Barnes and Noble this evening after learning some not so great news. I bought four books. Which considering I have a bunch of other books to read in my apartment right now, I probably shouldn't have. But whatever.

Here they are: Retail Therapy - Book Edition
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1. Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

"Lydia is dead. But they don't know this yet." So begins this exquisite novel about a Chinese American family living in 1970s small-town Ohio. Lydia is the favorite child of Marilyn and James Lee, and her parents are determined that she will fulfill the dreams they were unable to pursue. But when Lydia's body is found in the local lake, the delicate balancing act that has been keeping the Lee family together is destroyed, tumbling them into chaos.*

2. The Innocent by David Baldacci

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It begins with a hit gone wrong. Robie is dispatched to eliminate a target unusually close to home in Washington, D.C. But something about this mission doesn't seem right to Robie, and he does the unthinkable: he refuses to kill. Now, Robie becomes a target himself and must escape from his own people. Fleeing the scene, Robie crosses paths with a wayward teenage girl, a fourteen-year-old runaway from a foster home But she isn't an ordinary runaway - her parents were murdered, and her own life is in danger. Going against all of his professional habits, Robie rescues her and finds he can't walk away. He needs to help her. Even worse, the more Robie learns about the girl, the more he's convinced she is at the center of a vast cover-up, one that may explain her parents' deaths and stretch to unimaginable levels of power. Now, Robie may have to step out of the shadows in order to save this girls' life...and perhaps his own.*

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3. The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter is a dark tale of love, crime and revenge set in colonial New England. It revolves around a single, forbidden act of passion that forever alters the lives of three members of a small Puritan community: Hester Pyrnne, an ardent fierce, and ultimately ostracized woman who bears the symbol of her sin - the letter A stitched into the breast of her gown - in humble silence; the Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale, a respected public figure who is inwardly tormented by long-hidden guilt; and the malevolent Roger Chillingworth, Hester's husband - a man who seethes with an Ahab-like lust for vengeance.*

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4. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Poor and plain, Jane Eyre begins life as a lonely orphan in the household of her hateful aunt. Despite the oppression she endures at home, and then later at the harsh boarding school she is sent to, Jane manages to emerge with her spirit and integrity unbroken. She becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall, where she finds herself falling love with her employer, the dark, impassioned Mr. Rochester. But an explosive secret tears apart their relationship, forcing Jane to face poverty and isolation once gain before finally finding happiness.*

I am so excited to have these books in my possession and add them to my never-ending pile of books "to-read".

Have you ever read these books? What did you think of them? Tell me in the comments below.

*All book summaries belong to their respective authors.

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