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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Throwback Thursday - "Sharp Objects" by Gillian Flynn

Welcome back for yet another rendition of #TBT featuring Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.

Flynn, Gillian. 2007.
General Information
Paperback: 254 pages
Genre: Mysetry
Publisher: Broadway Books
Series: No - but Gillian Flynn has written two other books (Dark Places and Gone Girl)

What it's about
Wicked above her hipbone, Girl across her heart
Words are like a road map to reporter Camille Preaker's troubled past. Fresh from a brief stay at a psych hospital, Camille's first assignment from the second-rate daily paper where she works brings her reluctantly back to her hometown to cover the murders of two preteen girls.

Nasty on her kneecap, Babydoll on her leg
Since she left town eight years ago, Camile has hardly spoken to her neurotic, hypochondriac mother of to the half-sister she barely knows: a beautiful thirteen-year-old with an eerie grip on the town. Now, installed again in her family's Victorian mansion, Camille is haunted by the childhood tragedy she has spent her whole life trying to cut from her memory.

Harmful on her wrist, Whore on her ankle
As Camille works to uncover the truth about these violent crime, she finds herself identifying with the young victims - a bit too strongly. Clues keep leading to dead ends, forcing Camille to unravel the psychological puzzle of her own past to get to the story. Dogged by her own demons, Camille will have to confront what happened to her years before if she wants to survive this homecoming.

Why I loved it
This book was twisted! Not even going to lie about it. Gillian Flynn really knows how to write a book that hooks you right away, and that you have to keep reading to find out what happens. I will be honest though - if I read this one first, I'm not sure I would've ever picked up Gone Girl. When you figured out what happens, I was horrified at how someone could do something like that and involve an entire family. I don't want to give too much away - but you should know that I enjoyed the twisted-ness of this book.

Why you should read it
If you like stories that are twisted but captivating, then this is the book for you! If you like mystery, that's yet another reason to read this book. Once again this book isn't for everyone. If twisted stories make your stomach churn, then maybe this isn't your cup of tea. And that's ok!

My rating
3/5 stars

Have you read this book? Share your thoughts below!
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