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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Throwback Thursday - "First Family" by David Baldacci

Happy Throwback Thursday loves! I'm excited to be reviewing First Family by David Baldacci for all of you. This was the first book I read by Baldacci and I fell  in love with his writing style and the stories that he's telling. I currently have two of his books sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me to read them.

Baldacci, David. 2009.
General information
Paperback: 656 pages
Hardcover: 449 pages
Genre: Mystery, fiction
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Series: Yes, book 4 of 6 of the King and Maxwell series

What it's about
It began with what seemed like an ordinary children's birthday party. Friends and family gathered to celebrate. There were balloons and cake, games and gifts.

This party, however, was far from ordinary. It was held at Camp David, the presidential retreat. And it ended with a daring kidnapping...which immediately turned into national security nightmare.

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell were not looking to become involved. As former Secret Service agents turned private investigators, they had no reason to be. The FBI doesn't want them interfering. But years ago, Sean King saved the First Lady's husband, then a senator, from political disaster. Now, Sean is the one person the First Lady trusts, and she presses Sean and Michelle into the desperate search to rescue the abducted child.

With Michelle still battling her own demons, and forces aligned on all sides against her and Sean, the two are pushed to the absolute limit. In the race to save an innocent victim, the line between friend and foe will become impossible to define...or defend.

Why I loved it
Like I mentioned, this was the first book I read by Baldacci and loved it. I felt that he really grasped the concept of how to write a good mystery novel, and I was hooked until the very end. I thought that Baldacci did a great job of translating who his characters were and keeping the reader up to speed with what is happening with them. I didn't even realize this was part of a series and was able to pick it up as a stand alone book. I love that! The character stories are entwined throughout the series, but the story of this particular case is in one book - for me that's what I liked best. This is one of my favorite genre's so it's easier for me to get into these types of books. However, I will say that this is not my favorite book by him. I've read others that are far superior to this one.

Why you should read it
Do you like mystery novels? Maybe you're a James Patterson fan. If either of those apply to you, I urge you to give First Family (or any Baldacci book) a try. An easy fast paced read - what more can you ask for?!

My rating
4/5 - for my first Baldacci read, I was very impressed. Plus, I came back for more and have read a few more of his books within the past few years.

Have you read this, or any of Baldacci's other novels? What did you think?
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