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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wattpad Wednesday - "Masked"

Welcome back to the next installment of Wattpad Wednesday! This week we're giving a little love to Masked by @MNJGreenHill

Greenhill, M.
General information
Number of parts: 46
Number of reads: 44K
Number of votes: 32.2K
Tags: paranormal, action, werewolves, wattys2015

What it's about
Someone is manufacturing and distributing a new drug that is killing Werewolves. Those responsible need to be found before the epidemic gets out of control and the human population discover their existence.

The Alliance have put their hope in two broken individuals.

He is the icy, enigmatic Alpha Commander, responsible for the protection and safety of all packs in the Alliance from any and all threats from Rogues and Humans. He has felt the lonely burden and weight of command for nearly 200 years.

She is a forensic investigator, and human under the protection of the Brandenburg Pack. Ten years ago she was brutally thrown into a world she was blissfully unaware existed. Events from the fateful night still haunt her dreams.

Forced to work together to track down the source of this new drug, both most overcome their prejudices and animosity towards each other to be able to save the lives of innocent Humans and Weres alike.

The question is, can they do this before they kill each other?

Why I loved it
I was pleasantly surprised by this one! Paranormal fantasy books aren't usually the genre I jump into. It's more difficult for me to relate to the characters and sometimes it's too farfetched for me to actually enjoy. Forget about that for a moment - this was a great read! I found myself staying up late to finish this. I needed to know what would happen. I wanted to know what would happen between the two main characters. I wanted to know if they would stop the spread of the new drug. Again, very pleasantly surprised - it was such a great read!

Why you should read it
If nothing else, I think everyone should try and read this. The writer does a great job of voicing the characters and the fantasy portion of this in a fun way. If you're thinking "I don't like fantasy or werewolves or anything to do with this world", I still urge you to try it. The focus is more on the mystery of the drug and how to stop the spread than the whole transform into werewolves portion.

My rating
3/5 - although not my favorite genre, I was still very pleasantly surprised.

What do you think of this read? 
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