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Monday, February 8, 2016

50 Shades of Grey - Love it/Hate it

To continue with the February's theme of Romance, we're going to spend some time comparing the 50 Shades of Grey book by E.L. James with the movie. Here's some quick facts about both the book and movie:

Book 1 of the 3 book series (+ Grey)
Publisher: Vintage Books (2012)
Page Count: 514 (paperback)

Release date (USA): February 2015
Starring: Dakota Johnson (Ana Steele) and Jaime Dornan (Christian Grey)

Now that we have those quick facts out of the way, let's get down to it. The movie itself wasn't terrible. When I heard they were making a movie I was intrigued with how they were going to do it. After all, there's a lot of scenes that wouldn't be appropriate for movies that aren't, you know, X rated.

I wasn't let down with how they went about all the sex scenes in the book. However, I was disappointed with a lot of all pieces. I recently read Grey and it brought me back to why I enjoyed the book in the first place. 50 Shades of Grey, contrary to what may be talked about most, actually has a lot of innocent flirting between Christina and Ana. And that is what I like most about the book! I loved seeing how the characters developed and grew as individuals, but also as a couple. I felt that the movie skipped over most of these pieces, which, I think, played an important role to the story line.

If you've only seen the movie, I ask that you give the book a chance. You might be surprised by the characters. And if you haven't read Grey, I recommend that one too. I enjoyed learning more about Christian and understanding the first book from his perspective. I helped me understand the dynamic between Christian and Ana.

What did you think of these books and the movie? Let me know in the comments below.
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