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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Harry Potter Series Rankings

Happy March my friends! Spring is almost here - and I seriously cannot wait until we have consistently warmer weather. The freeze baby in me is not a big fan of the winter coldness. This month I'm spending some time chatting about my absolute favorite book series of all time - Harry Potter.

I totally understand if this series wasn't for you. But I highly encourage everyone to at least try and read it - especially if you've only watched the movies (a fraction of the content is in the movies). Every time I read this series I focus on something new and I get something new out of it. Just thinking about this month's posts makes me want to read the series over again.

Today, I'm going to rank the books in the series for all of you. This is seriously difficult for me to do since I love aspects of literally every single one. When I read certain ones when I was younger I didn't like them. Reading them again as an adult completely changed my perspective. Just because your favorite might be last on my list, doesn't mean I don't love it and that it isn't an amazing book. So let's give this a try:

1. The Prisoner of Azkaban - this is one is without a doubt my absolute favorite. My copy is beginning to fall apart. This is the last book where there is really any innocence left in the characters. The next in the series makes the characters begin to actually fight one on one with pure evil and takes that innocence away. And if you think about it, it's really the only book where no one dies.

2. The Sorcerer's Stone - the one that started it all. I love reading about Harry finding out that he's a wizard and all of his first experiences at Hogwarts.

3. The Order of the Phoenix - I struggled deciding if this was a good place for the fifth book of the series. However, the more I read this one, the more I love the story and everything in it - except Umbridge. Umbridge is worse than Voldemort in my opinion, but that's a different post for a different time. There are so many things that happened during this book that are essential to the remainder of the series (like the DA and learning about the Order itself). At the same time, I will never get over the ending of this book.

4. The Deathly Hallows - there is so much happening in this one, that I don't know where to begin. It's written perfectly and I swear you feel every emotion possible while reading it. Don't believe me - then you should probably read it.

5. The Half-Blood Prince - I go back on forth on the placement of this one as well. But I loved learning more about Voldemort's past and why he is the way that he is, as well as how Harry needs to move forward to defeat him.

6. The Goblet of Fire - this is the book where I really learned that Harry is sometimes a complete idiot. Regardless though, I still enjoyed reading about the tournament. My only question is why is a tournament that is completely dangerous to students okay for them to do and promote. Literally something I'll never understand.

7. The Chamber of Secrets - the only reason this one is here is because the spiders and snake creep me out literally every time I read it. Thinking about the series as a whole, this book is essential. It's when we first come into contact with a Horcrux - not that we even know what it is at this point.

And there you have it! I'd love to hear what you're favorite is. Let me know in the comments below.
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