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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Recap-ing my January Reads

Morgenstern, Erin. 2011. 
How is it February already?! I feel like I blinked and January is done. This year is going to go by fast - I can feel it!

I wanted to recap my January reads briefly! This past month I read 3 books:

Lately - it has been my mission to read everything that Jojo Moyes has written. I'll be honest though, I absolutely LOVE Me Before You, and I've only found that has come even remotely close to it - and that is The Last Letter from Your Lover (more on this in the future!). 

I was not disappointed with these books. The top one for January is definitely Night Circus. Morgenstern has a great writing style and I like the flipping between perspectives. Although, I will admit being confused at points because it wasn't always super clear that the viewpoints had changed. But regardless, I was a great read!!

In second place, we have Silver Bay (fitting right - silver for Silver Bay). Sometimes I can guess where certain books are going, especially after reading a handful of Moyes novels. This was not one of those! I had thoughts on it, but I was a off at certain points. This one was definitely a great read!

And in third place, Sheltering Rain. I felt that this one was a little on the slower side. There were times that it was difficult for me to want to motivate myself to read and finish this. It did pick up a little here and there - but it was definitely not my favorite Moyes novel. 

Did you read anything interesting and fun in January? Let a girl know!! 
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